Day Of Coordination – $2000

(Perfect for couples who have booked, planned, and organized it all)

  • Complimentary Consultation Call:
    • Discussing the wedding details and understanding your preferences.
  • One-Hour Wedding Rehearsal:
    • Conducting a thorough rehearsal to ensure everyone is familiar with their roles.
  • Two On-Site Wedding Coordinators:
    • Having a team of coordinators present on-site for efficient coordination.
  • Personalized Dashboard:
    • Providing access to a dashboard with helpful documents for easy planning.
  • Initial Onboarding Call:
    • Guiding you through the initial steps and getting acquainted with your vision.
  • One-Month Check-In:
    • Ensuring everything is on track and addressing any concerns before the big day.
  • Detailed Timeline Review:
    • Going through the timeline from setup to takedown for a smooth flow.
  • Floor Plan Review:
    • Checking and ensuring the setup aligns with the floor plan.
  • Vendor Point of Contact:
    • Serving as the main contact for all vendors to ensure flawless execution.
  • Family Point of Contact:
    • Coordinating with family members for a seamless experience.
  • Guest Welcome:
    • Welcoming and directing guests to create a warm atmosphere.
  • Officiant Coordination:
    • Coordinating with the officiant, including sound checks.
  • DJ Coordination:
    • Working with the DJ on processional, recessional, and grand entrances.
  • Caterer Coordination:
    • Ensuring the caterer serves a special plate for the bride and groom.
  • Flow Management:
    • Maintaining the overall flow of the day to keep everything on schedule.
  • Vendor Coordination:
    • Coordinating with all vendors to ensure seamless collaboration.
  • Take Down Management:
    • Managing the take-down process and following the venue checklist.
  • Setup Assistance:
    • Assisting with setting up the welcome table and placing any needed signages.
  • Guest Issue Troubleshooting:
    • Addressing and resolving any issues that may arise during the event.
  • Extensive Experience and Attention to Detail:
    • Drawing on experience and attention to detail to ensure a stress-free day.

With these comprehensive services, couples can relax and enjoy their special day while the wedding planner takes care of every detail.

Partial Planning + Coordination  – $2850

(Perfect when you have vendors booked and need help with putting them together)

Complimentary Consultation:

  • In-depth discussion about your wedding vision and preferences.

Onboarding Call:

  • Initial call to understand your needs and preferences.

One-Month Check-In:

  • Ensuring all preparations are on track for the special day.

Detailed Timeline Creation:

  • From setup to takedown, ensuring a seamless flow of events.

Floor Plan Design:

  • Crafting a customized floor plan for your wedding venue.

On-Site Coordinators:

  • Presence of two on-site wedding coordinators for hands-on assistance.

Vendor Coordination:

  • Serving as the point of contact for all vendors.
  • Liaising with caterers to ensure a plate is reserved for the bride and groom.
  • Coordinating with the DJ for procession, recessional, and grand entrances.
  • Coordinating with officiant, including a sound check.

Guest and Family Coordination:

  • Welcoming guests and acting as the point of contact for family members.

Venue Walkthrough:

  • One walkthrough visit before the wedding to discuss layout and flow.

Assistance with Setup and Take Down:

  • Setting up the welcome table, signage, gift table, memorial table, and dessert table.
  • Managing the take-down process efficiently.

Flow Management:

  • Maintaining the overall flow of the day to ensure everything runs on schedule.

Emergency Planning:

  • Discussing contingency plans for unforeseen circumstances like rain, wildfire, or storms.

Vendor Management:

  • Creating a preferred vendor list based on your chosen location and style.
  • Booking vendors and sending them personalized timelines.
  • Reviewing vendor contracts and uploading them to your wedding folder.

Bride Assistance:

  • Assisting with the timing of the bride’s processional and fluffing the dress.
  • Coordinating with the live artist, makeup artist, and DJ on announcements.

Post-Event Responsibilities:

  • Boxing leftover food and inventorying items to ensure nothing is left behind.
  • Being the last person to leave the venue.

This partial planning package aims to provide comprehensive support, from the initial stages of planning to the execution of the event and post-event responsibilities.

Full planning & coordination – $3650

(From start to end we are in this together)

Comprehensive Consultation:

  • Begin with a complimentary consultation call to understand your vision.
  • Discuss preferences, themes, and any specific requirements you may have.

Planning Phase:

  • Initial onboarding call to kick off the planning process.
  • Bi-weekly calls two months before the wedding month for detailed coordination.
  • One-month check-in to ensure everything is progressing smoothly.

Coordination and Communication:

  • Provide a personalized dashboard for easy access to documents.
  • Point of contact for family, welcoming guests, and coordinating with the officiant.
  • Coordinate with DJ on processional, recessional, and grand entrances.
  • Liaise with caterer to ensure a special plate for the bride and groom.
  • Manage vendor communication and act as a central point of contact.
  • Detailed preferred vendor list based on your location and style.

Timeline and Setup:

  • Create a detailed timeline from setup to takedown.
  • Design a custom floor plan to optimize space and aesthetics.
  • Walkthrough visit before the wedding to discuss layout and flow.
  • Assist in setting up welcome tables and placing signage as needed.

Vendor Management:

  • Work closely with you to book vendors matching your preferences.
  • Monthly check-ins for ongoing communication and updates.
  • Review contracts, upload them to your wedding folder, and send personalized timelines.
  • Plan B discussions for unforeseen circumstances like rain, wildfire, or storms.

On-site Coordination:

  • First person to arrive and last person to leave on the wedding day.
  • Coordinate with live artists, makeup artists, and caterers upon arrival.
  • Assist in setting up and taking down gift table, memorial table, dessert table, and accent decor.
  • Timing assistance for the bride’s processional and coordination with the DJ on announcements.
  • Box leftover food and conduct an inventory at the end of the event.

Creative Support and Design:

  • Provide a full planning package with a preferred vendor list tailored to your budget.
  • Reach out to vendors for pricing and quotes.
  • Schedule trials and tastings with vendors.
  • Review and provide feedback on your wedding website.
  • Assist with signage design using our Canva subscription.
  • Collaborate on your Pinterest board to share and refine ideas.
  • Help with cake slicing and plating.
  • Coordinate with rental companies to ensure timely drop-off and pickup.

Post-Event Responsibilities:

  • Boxing leftover food and inventorying items to ensure nothing is left behind.
  • Being the last person to leave the venue.
  • Ensure that everything brought in is taken back at the end of the event.
  • Conduct a final inventory check to account for all items.

Our goal is to make your wedding day seamless, beautiful, and memorable, handling every detail from start to finish.

Wedding Table Decor Setup + Take Down – $350 (up to 12 tables)

Rehearsal Dinner Decor Setup + Take Down – $550

Multi Destination Indian Wedding Planning – $4500 onwards

(Full Service | All-Inclusive) (Indian Destination Wedding)

  • Pre-Wedding Consultation
  • Initiate & Assist With Planning, Designing & Styling
  • Offer Vendor Suggestions & Insight
  • Attend Vendor Meetings
  • Help With Finding The Most Affordable Options
  • Unlimited Phone & Email Communication
  • Customized Checklist
  • Wedding Stationery
  • Late Night Standby For The Event
  • Monthly Planning Meetings
  • Manage Rehearsals Or Sangeet Rehearsals
  • Point Of Contact
  • Construct Ceremony & Reception Timelines
  • Maintain Flow/Timing Of Event
  • Provide Schedule To Appropriate Parties
  • Keep Track Of & Submit Marriage License
  • Welcome & Direct Guests
  • First Person On Site
  • Lead Setup Of Decor Items
  • Assist With Breakdown
  • Last Person To Leave/Sign Off On Venue
  • Ensure Execution Of Couple’s Vision For Their Day
  • Unlimited Consultation Through The Process
  • Honeymoon Room Decor
  • Artists, DJ , Live Music Management & Sourcing
  • Local Artist Such As Heena, Safa Tier, Dhol, White Horse And Much More
  • Any Necessary Troubleshooting
  • Available For All Assistance Needed On & Off-Site
Sonal and Vinay Wedding

Half-day Coordination – contact for pricing

  • Free consultation call
  • Setup your personalized dashboard
  • On-boarding call
  • 1-month check-in call
  • Review your timeline and floor plan
  • Ensure to maintain the flow
  • Provide a rundown to the appropriate vendor on the day
  • Welcome your guests and direct them to the event
  • Any necessary troubleshooting
  • Up to 5 hours day of on-site assistance

Corporate Planning & Coordination – Contact for more info

As a professional corporate event planner, my services encompass a range of essential elements necessary for the successful execution of business meetings and events. My expertise includes providing assistance in the development of an appropriate theme and vision, creating a mood board for the overall design, coordinating lodging and shuttle services, sourcing vendors, setting up and breaking down event areas, coordinating audio visual requirements, and providing event favors. Additionally, I offer support with setup of welcome tables and event stationary, as well as seamless communication with all vendors involved in the event.